Recon Software

Dealerships with the most effective reconditioning operations require anything between three and five days from the start of reconditioning process to frontline. These dealerships are always aware of the exact location and status of each of their cars because they have a clearly defined owner for each step of the process, connected via their mobile devices.

As an example, let’s see how long does the process of approving an itemized list take for a used car manager. Utilizing their mobile devices, the managers can complete this task within minutes regardless of the time and location. By including the approval by UCM within the workflow, the time-to-market can be improved significantly.

You may try an easy exercise by listing down the factors that impact your real times. The list may include purchase/trade-in, in transit, inspection, approval by UCM, mechanical, body, photos, and detail.

Now, add all these factors for your dealership. Don’t forget that all these factors do count a lot. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of using the numbers that are the best-case. You can certainly benefit from a workflow, if your number is found to be equal to or more than six days. It has been seen that dealerships without a workflow tend to have an average of around ten days. Also, you must start measuring your overall time-to-market. Without this practice, you are allowing the holding costs to reduce the profitability of your dealership.
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