How to improve your recon times

What happens at your dealership when someone trades in the used car?
How does the service manager know you need an estimate?
How long before he actually sends it over to your UCM?
How long does your UCM take to answer a simple yes/no question?
Did the car get fixed in time?
Did it get photos within 24 hours?
And the most important of all, WHAT IS YOUR TIME TO FRONT LINE ?

For every day that your car is not selling, you are losing money.
For every day that your car is not online,  you are losing money.
For every day that your car does not have photos, you are losing money.
For every day that you cant demo the car, you are losing money.

So, how do you fix it?
Its simple really.
You notify the service manager you have a car ready for an estimate
You notify the UCM that you have a car that needs a yeay or nay
You notify your detail guys that the car needs detailing.

You tell each one how many hours they have to get the job done
And when they are late, we notify you of the missed action.

Reduce the amount of days it takes a vehicle in your used car reconditioning process.
Improve your recon process by providing your team with insight on how long a task takes and which tasks are not being completed on time.
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