Automobile Reconditioning

The earliest of the automobile reconditioning processes were designed to be extremely easy to operate without the need for extensive data entry. The sales staffs in the dealerships have access to real time data pertaining to all used cars present on the lot without having to do any data entry.  This can be done simply by scanning the car’s VIN number, using the cell phone to scan the QR code, entering the stock number, or by using any device to login to their respective user accounts. On the other hand, there are other tracking systems for used auto reconditioning that have numerous inspection forms, making the process cumbersome and time-consuming.

The staffs in your dealership would love using Simple Recon. The most important benefit of this system is that it keeps everyone well connected to the current status of each vehicle throughout the reconditioning cycle. Most importantly, this can be done easily just by looking at the status list of the cars or by scanning the lot’s barcode. Managers using Simple Recon have reported that the system’s in-built VIN Decoder makes it possible for them to update or add all their vehicles spending less than fifteen minutes per day. They also mention that Simple Recon’s forms are easy to use. Managers tend to receive frequent queries and calls relating to vehicle status from staffs looking to find out the status of the cars. With Simple Recon, these calls can be reduced dramatically. 
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