Simple Recon Workflow (Process) Features

Access on your phone
Our mobile app lets you see your dashboard, Update inventory progress, Add new inventory, Add notes, and Attach photos to existing inventory.
All from a simple intuitive interface.
Efficient Communication
No more phone calls and emails to get status updates on any vehicle. All of this information is in one place accessible to all.
Locate inventory faster
Update inventory location as it moves through the reconditioning process. This way you always know where all of your inventory is at all times.
VIN Scanner
As soon as you close the deal, scan the VIN of your trade-in inventory using the mobile app to quickly enter inventory into your system. Can not get any more real-time than that.
DMS Integration
Why spend time entering information that is already in your DMS. We can pull your inventory information overnight.
Email Notifications
Get email alerts directly in your inbox. Know when work gets assigned as well as a list of all the pending work via email.
SMS Alerts
Not checking your email all the time? No problem, you can choose to receive SMS alerts instead. Get instant notification when a car sits in a department for too long.
Get reports that provide valuable insight into your operations. You can even request custom reports that we can build just for your dealership.

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