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Simple Recon's recon tracking software is available in two different versions

1) Recon Pro
Recon Pro is a true workflow management solution.
Each step of the reconditioning process is laid out ahead of time for each vehicle
Each department's completion expectations are set at an account level once and progress is monitored based on that setting.
Recon Pro is ideal for dealerships that have an existing workflow and most of the work is done in house by various departments.
OEM dealers tend to prefer this option

2) Recon Checklist
Recon Checklist allows a dealership the flexibility of not having a formal workflow in place
Rather needing the ability to assign work to vendors all at once (generally at the time of taking delivery)
Recon Checklist is for dealerships where you may have multiple vendors being in and out of the dealership throughout the week in no specific order
Independent dealers tend to prefer this option
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