Simple Recon is a very powerful and effective tool. It helps you track your inventory from acquisition to sale.
The fastest, most accurate way to track these times is to enter the information via the mobile app or the website when the inventory is acquired.

However, it does raise a challenge when you are down a team member or two. To avoid having any newly acquired inventory fall through the cracks we recommend setting up a automated nightly feed.

If you use vAuto, this process is even easier. We are already set up with vAuto to receive nightly inventory feeds for your dealership.

Email us and let us know that you would like us to set up the nightly feed and we will reach out to vAuto support and get this taken care off for you.
In this article we discuss how to start the process and engage multiple vendors at once
We offer various ways to add inventory to your account
You can use the website, mobile app or an automated feed to get your inventory into the system on a daily basis
You can add inventory to your account manually by using the website from a desktop, tablet or a phone
Or you can download our android and iOS app and make the changes there
In this article we discuss how you can set up daily alerts to be sent to your inbox.
This allows you to be aware of all the vehicles that have an open recall as well as new recalls that may be issued on existing inventory.
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