Used Car Reconditioning Software Mobile App

Simple Recon works on mobile devices, tablets as well as desktops.

If you are like most dealerships, a majority of your team involved in the reconditioning of the vehicle is working with tools, and not computers.
This means, they do not have the time and/or inclination to be walking over to a computer to update progress on every vehicle they recondition through the day.

We help you get over that resistance by offering a Mobile App for iOS and Android devices. 
You can grant access to your team to log in from a mobile device and update progress right from their pocket without having to walk away from vehicles they are working on. Your team now has rapid access to your recon inventory via the mobile app.

We pull your inventory automatically every night, however, you can get more accurate data if you have your buyers scan the cars in right from the auction.
Track your time in-transit and how long it takes to get your purchases to the front line.

Using our mobile app, you can
  • See the status of your inventory on the mobile dashboard(HOME screen)
  • Easily add inventory by scanning the VIN number.
  • Add notes to inventory in progress.
  • Easily take pictures of the progress.
  • Move vehicles to the next department whent the work is done.

With Simple Recon, you also get the following benefits:
  • Know where your inventory is at all times, how long has it been there, and if its been there too long.
  • Instant Text(SMS) and email notification when work gets assigned.
  • You can even configure Text(SMS) or Email notifications when a vehicle sits in a department for too long.
  • This helps you reduce confusion and improve communication among your team members.
  • This improved transparency leads to increased productivity.

• Instant Setup

• 30 Day Free Trial

• No Credit Card Required

• No Setup Fee

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