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You can add inventory to your account manually by using the website from a desktop, tablet or a phone
Or you can download our android and iOS app and make the changes there
In this article we discuss how you can set up daily alerts to be sent to your inbox.
This allows you to be aware of all the vehicles that have an open recall as well as new recalls that may be issued on existing inventory.
For departments where the due date varies, its hard to pin them down to a specific number of hours (for example, vendors that service once a week)

In such scenarios, it makes sense to change the due date to the next time they are scheduled to be at the dealership

In this article we walk you through how to do that
In this article we review the ability for dealerships to quickly view the recall status of each vehicle they have in inventory using one central dashboard

There is no denying the fact that reconciliation is an integral part of getting a car ready for the frontline. However, it is nothing more than a subset of the time-to-market. There was a time when the General Managers were happy to see the inventory manager, service manager, and UCM going through a spreadsheet for the metrics and accountability. However, now, the Dealer Principal or General Manager has a more direct role to play in time-to-market because of three strategic reasons. It has become much easier for them to remain on top of their metrics without much effort. 
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