When looking at emails and notifications, its valuable to be able to pick which identifying information about the vehicle you would like to see on your email

This article talks about how to customize the subject of those emails
This article talks about how you can configure the average time you expect a vehicle to be in a department.
For example: On average a vehicle should go through detailing in 24 hours.
You can configure Simple Recon to send daily summary emails to each department

This allows your managers to stay on top of inventory in their departments and make sure they get work done in a timely manner.
Profitability of your dealership can be improved by managing the three key aspects of your business. 
Key factors that affect your profitability are as under
  • Control your acqusition cost
  • Manage your sale price
  • Monitor your reconditioning process
Before you pick your recon software, there are a few key questions to ask yourself

These questions are geared towards helping you identify what you are trying to achieve from the software.

Questions like the following
  • What is your current average reconditiong time?
  • What is your average carrying cost?
  • What do you believe are the bottlenecks in your current process?
  • Do you think you could recondition cars faster?
  • Is your inventory taking longer to turn?
And the most important of them all, do you know OR are you guessing?
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