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Using  Recon Checklist  you can set up vendors to get access to vehicles in their queue and their queue only.

It is a simple matter of selecting the right access on the dropdown.
Find out how you can add comments for each vendor when assigning work.

This way your vendors know exactly what needs to be done

They also know which vehicles they have to work on based on the nightly email
Create transparency between departments by providing them with one central repoistory for all documentation and communication.

Identify process and track success, its that simple.

There are various factors that affect the carrying cost of a vehicle
To learn about what they are and how the affect the total daily cost of ownership for each vehicle.
Simple Recon is an industry leading mobile app and cloud based inventory reconditioning management software designed for the auto remarketing process. 
This software decreases reconditioning cycle time and increases profitability of: dealerships, used car stores, auctions, rental car, fleet and leasing company’s resale departments by reducing the time to frontline vehicles through improved visibility in to the existing process with tracking and alerts.

Learn more about the comprehensive inventory reconditioning dashboard by following throw the link below
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