Recon Ninjas for you

Using Simple Recon's used car reconditioning software, your business will be so transparent that competitors will think you have some kind of a Recon Ninjas working for you.

In today's market where efficiency is everything and pricing has become more and more transparent, dealerships that can work efficiently have an edge over dealerships who spend months on inventory turns.

Even though your goal to turn inventory is 60 days, that is not really the time your sales team gets.

So even though they have no control over the time spent on reconditioning they are expected to sell the car in less than 60 days.

How do you help your sales managers work more effectively?

Give them visibility into the pipeline of used cars in the reconditioning process and in queue to be on the front line.

This way even before the car is on the front line, your sales team has already scheduled test drives ahead of time knowing when the car will be ready.

Can you imagine getting a 3 day lead time? That is 5% of their total time to sell their vehicle.

On top of that, if you can identify pain points and shrink the reconditioning process, you have an additional 3-7 days which basically gives you 10% (or 6 more days) to sell the car.

All this, by simply implementing a software that will increase transparency and communication

So what are you waiting for?

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