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There is a significant difference between auto reconditioning and auto detailing. Auto detailing is referred to as a process involving comprehensive preservation and cleaning of a vehicle. On the other hand, auto reconditioning is a much more extensive process that stops just short of complete restoration of the vehicle.

In the process of reselling a used car, auto reconditioning is something that distinguishes the best from the mediocre. Almost all car dealerships that deal on traded vehicles are ready to do anything to ensure that these cars look like new and run well before they are moved to the front end. Before a prospective buyer can even have a look at them, these vehicles are mechanically examined, carefully detailed, and reconditioned.

In today’s changing market scenario, it has been observed that the properly reconditioned vehicles are selling extremely well. This consumer behavior can be partially attributed to the fact that the average price of a new car now is around $30,000. Most of the consumers now prefer well reconditioned pre-owned vehicles. Also, the average retention period for the new cars is approximately nine years. All smart auto dealerships understand that adequate reconditioning will significantly enhance the resale value of all their used cars.

Many of today’s auto dealership companies are more than willing to hire auto reconditioning services for different types of jobs. Some of the most common reconditioning services include restoration of headlight, restoration of plastic trim, repairing the cigarette burn holes, carpet rejuvenation, leather and vinyl repair, paint restoration, odor removal, etc.

Please feel free to call us in case you are looking to get started right away. We provide hands-on training to help you start your own business of providing automobile reconditioning service. We offer Craftsman courses for both automobile detailing and reconditioning. Upon their graduation, all our students receive a diploma that is recognized by the industry.

Please call us or visit our website if you are looking to launch or improve your business of vehicle reconditioning.

Always remember that all vehicles on the road can be a prospective client for your vehicle reconditioning business.

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