How Recon Cars Can help your dealership

Car reconditioning management when done right can have great returns for your dealership but when done wrong can also have the ability to break the bank. That is why it is important to manage your conditioning process effectively by making sure all members involved in the process are on the same page.

You can do that using whiteboards, pen and paper and even email. However, they all make it harder to track and still require a person to be on top of things for work to stay on schedule and within budget.

This is why using a software to help make sure everybody is on the same page and doing automated follow-ups on open items makes sense.

Here are some basic numbers. are used car dealer selling 50 cars a month spends or rather loses $153,600 each year just in holding costs. now the same dealer would save $19,200 for every day they reduce in the reconditioning process.

You can use our savings calculator to calculate your savings here .

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