Average Reconditioning Cost Is $1,350,000

Learn how you can save $675,000 using our solution.

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At a time where inventory turns get tighter, it becomes critical to make sure your inventory gets through recon quickly and efficiently. Simple Recon helps make sure inventory keeps moving and does not get stuck at any one step.

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Steps to save $675,000/yr

Frontline Faster with Simple Recon

Tracking your inventory as it goes through the recon process is easy with Simple Recon. Use our fully customizable 

Assignment Alerts

Notify employees and vendors instantly when a vehicle is ready for them to work on.

Delay Notifications

Automatically send text and email to supervisors when work is not done on time.

Daily Reports

Send daily reports to each department informing them of work that is still pending.

Track Expenses

Track expenses at each step of your reconditioning process for better clarity.

Vendor Support

Your vendors know what they need to do that day even before they set foot in the dealership.

Enforce Process

Build and enforce your recon process so inventory flows only along designated steps.

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Cloud Based

Monitor progress from anywhere in the world with our cloud based solution

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Keep track of your inventory with ease

Simple and easy to use Dashboard that takes minutes to get used to.

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