How to use the TFS Report (AKA Hit List Report)

The TFS Report (TIME FROM STEP) provides dealers with the ability to monitor the duration a vehicle spends in the Recon process, starting from its initial entry into a department. For instance, if you wish to keep tabs on:

  • The elapsed time from when a vehicle lands to when it reaches the Front Line.
  • The duration it takes for your service department to move a vehicle to the Front Line after work approval.

Numerous scenarios arise where you desire daily insights into the duration of your processes and departmental performance.


Once you have selected the start step and departments to exclude, click the View Report button.

This will generate a report that shows active inventory in recon and where it is in the process.

How long has it been since the vehicle first was in the Start Step (In this example Delivered) and how long is it in the current department.



To access specific information about a vehicle, simply click on its VIN number.

This report provides you with two key insights: the average duration for all inventory and the time it has spent in its current department since entering.