The Advantages of Choosing Simple Recon

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Reduce the time it takes to recondition your inventory giving your sales team more days to sell, helping them turn inventory faster.

Send INSTANT SMS and email alerts to employees and vendors letting them know that a new vehicle was just assigned to their queue.

Establish due dates with your departments and hold them accountable to those goals. Alert managers when delays happen.

We send an email to your departments reminding them of inventory still in their department that has not been completed yet.

Need to track beyond the standard departments, NO PROBLEM. Simply add the departments that you wish to track.


In todays market where margins are tight and competition is high, being able to offer the best price on your inventory has a huge competitive advantage. One way to keep the prices competitive is to keep th costs low. We help decrease expenses on the reconditioning process.

Here is what it means to your dealership:

Which means, reducing your recon times by a day saves you $135,000 a year. And brining your recon time down to under 3 days will save you a whopping $1,620,000 a year. Check out the Savings Calculator for your exact numbers.

Sometimes all it takes is a little Simple Recon!

Unlock efficiency and profitability with Simple Recon. Improve communication, accelerate inventory reconditioning, centralize information, manage expenses, and foster accountability seamlessly across your inventory management process.