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Simple Recon’s inspection form feature is a powerful tool designed for efficient vehicle inspections, streamlining the process of identifying necessary repairs and maintenance to expedite vehicles to frontline. By leveraging this tool, dealers can identify work and prioritize tasks effectively, ultimately reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency. The form enabling service to quickly identify work and communicate that with managers facilitating seamless collaboration and providing a detailed overview for all. 

Standardize your entire inventory inspection process using Inspections. Easily document both cosmetic and mechanical issues by utilizing Simple Recon’s mobile app for uploading photos. Assign inspection templates to vehicles, delegate tasks to individual team members or multiple members, and streamline the flow of your inventory from inspection to reconditioning with speed and clarity.

Select from a variety of inspection templates crafted based on the practices employed by real dealerships on a daily basis. Incorporate our best practices into your own, either by establishing a unique process within the platform or by merging our top tips with your existing methods. Tailor your inspection process to suit your preferences, and create multiple inspection templates to assign to each vehicle upon entry into your inventory.

Should the preconfigured inspection forms not align with your requirements, you have the flexibility to effortlessly customize any form to suit your specific needs. This feature comes at no extra cost.

Utilize Inspection Reports to highlight the completed work and present a compelling case to potential buyers. Your sales team can either print the condition report and discuss key points or share it directly with buyers.

When you set up your inspection form, you can specify which services are going to be commonly selected and make them readily accessible to speed up the estimate process.