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Annual Savings Calculator

Simple Recon’s turn key, cloud based solution allows you to quickly start getting insight into your process.

It helps you identify where in the reconditioning process is your inventory being held up.

It provides you and your team with transparency and details on what is happening with each and every vehicle that goes through the reconditioning process.

It acts as an advisor to your team in identifying bottlenecks.

You can see how long each vehicle stays in each department before moving on to the next stage.

Your team gets alerts every time a vehicle enters there queue.

It can even notify them when the vehicle has been in their queue for too long.

Using this information, you and your team can make better decisions and decrease your reconditioning time.

Use the savings calculator to see how much you are spending annualy on reconditioning cost and how much you can possibly save by simply getting insight into your operations.

Is your cost to keep that vehicle in inventory on a daily basis. This value is different for each dealership and takes multiple factors into account.
A few common factors that determine your daily cost are Depreciation , Opportunity Cost , Cost of funds
Read more on how to calculate your daily cost for inventory.

It’s the time it takes for your used car (trade-in or auction purchase) to be on the lot, on your website and ready for a demo.
Most dealerships know what they want the number to be, but can rarely quantify what their real time to market is.

It refers to the number of vehicles that go through the reconditioning process at the dealership.
For dealer groups with single reconditioning team for multiple locations, this number would be much much higher.