Recon Workflow

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Welcome to Simple Recon’s Workflow edition page is a cloud based used car reconditioning process tracking software . Our simple easy to use solution is geared to help you increase your turn rate by decreasing the time it takes for your dealership to recondition your inventory.

Check what is going on with your inventory on ONE page.
* You can see where your car is
* How long has it been there
* What work was already done on it

Simple Recon Workflow (Process) is ideal for dealerships that have an existing reconditioning process in place, but are trying to track how they are doing with the process in place and if there are any areas of opportunity.

Our instant alerts feature makes it ideal for scenarios where you need to notify the vendor or a department about the vehicle when it enters their queue.

You can always go back to the vehicle months later and still find all the history on that vehicle right where you left it.

Provide insights in to the reconditioning status of each vehicle to not only your managers, but also your sales staff, so they can schedule test drives accordingly.

You can even put it up on a dashboard for your entire sales team to be aware of vehicles in the pipeline .

This helps you improve efficiency not only on the reconditioning side, but also on the sales side of the house.

The best part about our turn key cloud based solution is that its ready in seconds after you sign up, not minutes, not hours, not days, in seconds.

We also have a huge collection of video tutorials that you can use to review.

And you can still always call our support team if needed.