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Install the Recon Link extension for a browser of your choice.

Recon Link is now available to all customers for Free

Introducing Recon Link, an exclusive browser extension available to all Simple Recon customers on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

This extension provides a seamless connection between Simple Recon and any website where your inventory information is displayed. With Recon Link, you can instantly access a snapshot of your vehicle’s recon progress while browsing online.

Recon Link integrates smoothly with popular productivity tools used by car dealers on a daily basis, such as vAuto,, Autotrader, CarGurus, TrueCar,, NHTSA, Xtime, Your Website, and more. It ensures that critical reconditioning information is readily available alongside your inventory data.

When you hover your mouse over a VIN associated with your account, a convenient summary of that vehicle’s progress appears on your screen. With a simple click, you can quickly navigate to the specific details of that vehicle within Simple Recon. There, you can access comprehensive information about ongoing work, view recon photos, check recall data, verify service status, and find other relevant and important details.

Log in to your account one time after you install the extension. Its a simple ‘Set it and forget it approach’ to make information readily available at your fingertips.

Once logged in, any website that displays a VIN that is in your account, you will be able to see details when you put your mouse over the VIN.