[HOWTO] change subject on notification emails

When looking at emails and notifications, its valuable to be able to pick which identifying information about the vehicle you would like to see on your email This article talks about how to customize the subject of those emails

In order to be able to change the subject on emails and notifications from the Simple Recon’s Used Car Reconditioning platform, you have to be logged in to the system as an administrator.

Once you are logged in, using the menu on the left, simply find the option that says “Recon Notification”

Once on that page, you can pick the information you would like to see on the email

At the point of writing this article the information you can pick from is

  • Stock Number
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Exterior Color


So depending on what information you use at the dealership as identifying information, you can pick one or more attributes

So for example if your dealership only uses the Stock Number as identifying information then maybe you only select Stock # and set all other information to “NO”

If you use the Model and Exterior Color to identify the vehicle, then maybe you pick “Model” and “Ext Color” only and set all other identifying factors to “NO”