[HOWTO] Set Recall Alerts for your used car inventory

In this article we discuss how you can set up daily alerts to be sent to your inbox. This allows you to be aware of all the vehicles that have an open recall as well as new recalls that may be issued on existing inventory.
With more and more vehicles being recalled every year it becomes more important for dealerships to stay on top of vehicles with open recalls. Recall Tracking on used inventory for your dealership is included as a part of our service. We check the NHTSA database on a regular basis and if we find any of your inventory that has a recall on it, we flag that vehicle on your dashboard Even after the vehicle has gone through the reconditioning process, we keep monitoring for recalls until the vehicle is sold. In addition to highlighting vehicles with open recalls in your inventory we also send you daily emails with a list of vehicles. We keep sending a reminder until you get the recall resolved. You can quickly configure who gets the recall notifications by clicking on the Recon Setting section of your administrative area.