Managing users who can review and approve services

Introducing the groundbreaking new feature that will revolutionize the way you manage vehicle reconditioning! Get ready to experience unprecedented control and efficiency with our latest tool, the User Management for Service Approvals. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and welcome a streamlined, intuitive system that empowers you to handle service requests with ease. With this cutting-edge feature, you can effortlessly oversee and grant approval to a select group of users, ensuring only the most qualified experts can review and approve services requested for a vehicle during the recon process. Maximize productivity, minimize errors, and elevate your recon workflow to new heights. Embrace the future of vehicle reconditioning with our innovative User Management for Service Approvals and unlock a whole new level of efficiency and precision like never before!

Navigation Menu

To manage pending services, go to the Services Pending Review menu item on your account as shown in the image here.

No Access

If your account does not have access to review and approve services, your screen will look similar to the one shown above.

Grant Access

To do this you will need admin access to your account. Enable services and then select the users you want to grant access to review and approve services.

View with access

The 'Services Pending Review' screen will now look like the image shown above.