Simple Recon – Mobile Web

A quick guide to using Simple Recon’s responsive (mobile friendly) portal on any device with a browser. No app install necessary.

Our mobile web app ensures compatibility across various devices and platforms, offering a seamless user experience to a wider audience.

It eliminates the need for your employees and vendors to download and install a dedicated app, making it more accessible and reducing barriers to entry.

Because we host the app on our servers, it takes less resources on your devices and everyone is on the same version irrespective of which device they use.

For existing customers, simply go to and log in with your username and password.

Basic Navigation


Log in with your exiting username and password.


List of each department and inventory count in each.


View inventory and select action you’d like to take for each of them.

Updating Progress


Update progress and move vehicle to next step.


Tag users with the ‘@’ sign to notify them even without moving inventory when you hit save.

Photos & Comments


Use the ‘+’ button to add more photos


View comments for the vehicle

Tag People

Use the ‘@’ sign to tag users in a comment and how to notify them


Example of what the notification would look like for the user that was tagged.



Add new services to a vehicle one at a time using the ‘Add New’ button

Bulk Add

Quickly select multiple services you would like to add to a vehicle.

Update Services

Modify price, rate status etc quickly from one screen.



Click the three lines on the top right of the screen to see the menu options.

Search Screen

Type in the stock or VIN number you’d like to search by and click search.


Click on the buttons below each vehicle to take action.