Time To Front Line

Read about how your Time To Front Line affects your bottom line. We talk about the importance of monitoring progress along with the ability of Simple Recon to help you monitor.

Dealers today want to turn their inventory quickly.
Ideally in less than 60 days.

The time it takes between having the vehicle test-drive ready and sold has a plethora of events and teams that influence the outcome.
Including your marketing team, your sales team, weather, time of year and manufacturer promotions.

However, through all of this, there is one aspect of the 60 day turn that you do have control over.

Lets do some basic math here for a second:
You want to turn your inventory in 60 days, but it takes you 10 days to get your inventory in a “test drive ready” state.
That means your sales team only really has 50 days to sell the vehicle and not 55 or 58.

Or, lets take that same number a different way, you still give your sales team 50 days to sell, but finish your reconditioning in 4 days instead of 10.

All of a sudden, you are turning inventory in 54 days and not 60.

Now that you understand WHY managing the reconditioning process is important, let us show you how.

The time each vehicle takes in your reconditioning process.