Understanding your inventory reconditioning Dashboard

Simple Recon is an industry leading mobile app and cloud based inventory reconditioning management software designed for the auto remarketing process. This software decreases reconditioning cycle time and increases profitability of: dealerships, used car stores, auctions, rental car, fleet and leasing company’s resale departments by reducing the time to frontline vehicles through improved visibility in to the existing process with tracking and alerts.

Below is the explanation of each column

  • Status – List of statuses in the system
  • Current – Number of vehicles currently in that status
  • Percentage – Percentage of vehicles in current status
  • Total # – Total number of vehicles that have passed through that status
  • Time to get there – The amount of time it took on average for a vehicle to get there
  • Time in status – Amount of time on average that vehicles were in that status
  • Time to completion – How long it took for vehicles on average to clear that status from the time the got in the system
  • Late # – Number of vehicles that were late getting out of the system (this is based on your dealership setting)
  • % Late – Percentage of vehicles that went through that status and were late. 

This one shows how many vehicles are currently in that status and what percentage do they constitute
And Total number of vehicles that have gone through each status