Press Release – 2023-07-12

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Simple Recon Unveils Exciting New Features in Automobile Reconditioning Process Tracking Software

Simple Recon, a leading provider of automobile reconditioning process tracking software, has recently announced the release of its latest feature-packed update. This update introduces several cutting-edge functionalities that enhance the user experience, improve process efficiency, and boost overall productivity.

Recon Link is now available for Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. This feature will provide a seamless connection between Simple Recon and any website where your inventory information is displayed. With Recon Link, you can instantly access a snapshot of your vehicle’s recon progress while browsing online.

It integrates smoothly with popular productivity tools used by car dealers on a daily basis, such as vAuto,, Autotrader, CarGurus, TrueCar,, NHTSA, Xtime, Your Website, and other websites you list your inventory in. It ensures that critical reconditioning information is readily available alongside your inventory data.

Simple Recon – Mobile Web ensures compatibility across various devices and platforms, which offers a seamless user experience to a wider audience. Which eliminates the need for employees and vendors to download and install a dedicated app, making it more accessible and reducing barriers to entry.

TBS Monitor (Time-Between-Steps) allows you to see how long it is taking for inventory to move from one department to another, even though they may not be sequential. With the recon dashboard, you can get stay up to date on progress in real time. The TBS report on the other hand provides you with the true average time between departments. With this, you can have a look at whether your departments are playing games by moving inventory to parts-hold to stop the clock or not, and you can have a report of the average time taken for each step for vehicle delivery.

User Tagging this feature enables you to tag users in comments and provide instructions to them. You can simply use the “@” sign and tag the user who wants to give instructions or comments.

While announcing these updates, a senior official from Simple Recon stated, “These new updates show Simple Recon’s commitment to providing exceptional value to its customers and make lives easier for the dealerships struggling with their reconditioning efficiency. Start integrating Simple Recon into your Car Reconditioning business today and discover how simple it is to locate and manage your inventory and its reconditioning process.”

About Simple Recon: Simple Recon helps dealerships reduce their inventory’s time to market by providing easy-to-use, cloud-based, turnkey reconditioning process tracking software. It helps owners, general managers, and managers track their department’s performance against company expectations. Additionally, it helps automate notification and follow-up within the dealership as well as with external vendors, saving the dealership time and eliminating paperwork.