Understanding your inventory reconditioning Dashboard

Simple Recon is an industry leading mobile app and cloud based inventory reconditioning management software designed for the auto remarketing process.
This software decreases reconditioning cycle time and increases profitability of: dealerships, used car stores, auctions, rental car, fleet and leasing company’s resale departments by reducing the time to frontline vehicles through improved visibility in to the existing process with tracking and alerts.

Importing your inventory into Simple Recon

Simple Recon accepts inventory feed from all vendors and DMS’s.

Depending on the vendor partner, we receive inventory feed once a day to as often as hourly.

We already have inventory feed integrations set up for most of the leading industry vendors including Homent, vAuto, Dealers Link, VinSolutions to name a few.

Adding Inventory to Simple Recon

Your inventory can enter the Simple Recon system in a few different ways.
Your used car manager scans the vin from the mobile app and adds it to your account
Your buyer enters the VIN and basic info into the account via the website
As part of the inventory feed we get daily (and multiple times a day for some partners)