Importing your inventory into Simple Recon

Simple Recon accepts inventory feed from all vendors and DMS’s.

Depending on the vendor partner, we receive inventory feed once a day to as often as hourly.

We already have inventory feed integrations set up for most of the leading industry vendors including Homent, vAuto, Dealers Link, VinSolutions to name a few.

Find out how open safety recall management can add value to your dealership

It is now possible for all the Simple Recon customers to address the risk of safety recall within the process of reconditioning. This can be done by daily identification of the safety recalls on the existing pre-owned inventory, including both off-brand and in-brand inventory. Simple Recon is integrated with NHTSA’s recall database. As a result of this integration safety recall verification during the reconditioning process has become possible.

Recon Process Flowchart

By using a flowchart, the process owners can find out how logical the steps of the process are, identify the problem areas, and create a common knowledge base for the entire process. Flowcharting also reveals concern areas such as dead ends, delays, redundancies, and things that would have otherwise remained ignored or uncovered. This is particularly true for teams that are detached from the actual functioning of the process or hesitant to describe the actual process.

Recon Checklist Steps

To jump start your move towards a more measured and managed reconditioning process we start off your account with a simple reconditoining workflow. However if you need a more detailed workflow to track different aspects of your reconditioning process, click through to this article to learn more about how we can help you build a effective process.